JSW Injection Molding Machines

As a leader in the industry, JSW provides a full range of All Electric Injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models, which offer ease of operation, safety, and environment-friendly improvements such as energy- and space-saving features.

JSW Horizontal Type
All Electric Servo Drive Injection Molding Machines

Model : J30ADS ~ J850ADS (J-ADS Series)

Model : J1000AD~ J3000AD (J-AD Series)

JSW Vertical Type All Electric Servo Drive Injection Molding Machines
(JT-ADS Series) Ranging From 20T upto 220T in rotary table.

“J-ADS Series,” this next generation of all electric servo drive injection molding machines from JSW continues to lead the injection molding machine industry.
The J-ADS “Advanced” Series of machines offers even greater high-speed performance and increased precision, made possible by the industry’s highest-speed* servo control circuit. This advanced technology, unique to JSW, has been accumulated over many years and results in injection molding expertise that is the envy of the industry. Faster and more accurate, the J-ADS Series achieves the highest levels of productivity and reliability.

Based on the concept of "Bringing you Maximum Performance" a stronger, "long life design" and "precise & stable molding" by JSW extensive experience. In addition, the new controller, which is based on ergonomics and is extremely easy to use, provides advanced intelligence to meet the diverse needs of various molding factories and contributes to increased productivity.

4 Solutions for High Productivity

AD Strong Robust Design for Longer Life The proven high-rigidity mold clamping system has been further evolved by adopting a tie bar bushing-less mechanism and a movable platen linear guide to achieve more stable mold clamping operation. Clamping force feedback control and a new mold protection function are also standard equipment, enabling molding that is friendly to both the molding machine and the mold.

AD Stable Ultimate Stability
A wide variety of screw variations, pressure holding transfer mode, and various volume stabilization controls contribute to the improvement and stabilization of molded product quality. In addition, the use of energy-saving cylinders can reduce power consumption by up to 14% compared to conventional machines.

AD Support Reduced molding machine downtime

  • Inspection and maintenance function to prevent unexpected machine stop
  • Molding assist function that reduces the load on the operator\
  • It contributes to the improvement of productivity by minimizing the setup time and machine stop time due to failure.

AD Smart Stable Production by Advanced Intelligence

  • The new controller with improved operability and functionality [SYSCOM5000i]
  • IoT solution [J-WiSe®]

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